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11th Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement 2024 Americas

Defining Value to Obtain Informed Evidence Optimizing Patient Access to Medicines

Day 2 - Tuesday 10th September 2024


  • Advantages of market access teams in payer relationship
  • Payer evidence requirement in early development
  • Best practices to obtain better pricing and reimbursement
  • Strategies to improve a better payer relationship
  • Understanding and including the patients’ perspectives in designing clinical trials and clinical endpoint
  • Key principles that ensure access to treatment based on need
  • Patient-centeredness, patient advocacy
  • Access to innovative medicines remains a key issue worldwide
  • Limitations of the some of the initiatives to address this
  • How can pharmaceutical companies and health authorities work together to bridge the gap
  • How the pharmaceutical industry will need to navigate the potential access challenges in the
  • US associated with the Inflation Reduction Act and Medicare having the authority to negotiate drug prices
  • Summary of CMS’s proposed approach to measuring value and determining a maximum fair price
  • Highlight innovative policy options that CMS should consider for robust Medicare drug price negotiations
  • Lessons learned from negotiating drug prices with governments outside of the US.

Danielle Bargo, Director, Real World Evidence and HEOR, Eisai

  • Why is this important?
  • Current state of play
  • Barriers to Equity Pricing
  • Potential solutions and some principles to maximize impact of Equity Pricing

  • Effective communications with internal and external stakeholders
  • Importance of stakeholder collaboration
  • Understanding the benefits of a good collaboration between payers and pharma to ensure appropriate patient access
  • Challenges in drug pricing and reimbursement
  • How to navigate a complex balance between financial and strategic risks
  • Strategies to offset regulatory and inflationary pressures.
  • Addressing environmental, social, and corporate governance issues
  • Encouraging cross-functional or cross-company collaborations
  • The increasing relevance of Emerging Markets
  • EMs Embrace Technological Innovation
  • Creating value through partnership
  • How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Innovation in Emerging Markets
  • Objective: Activating the full stakeholder ecosystem to shift conversation from price to value to get access to innovative therapies
  • Why is the full stakeholder ecosystem important for gaining access in the future?
  • How to Identify the stakeholder ecosystem for access success
  • Step by step: Setting up a cross-functional program for access success
  • Assessment of financial benefit from tendering
  • Evaluating its impact on prices and market concentration
  • Consideration of its operational framework
  • Tendering for pharmaceuticals as a reimbursement tool
  • The importance of making MA the core of the company
  • Bridge between pre-launch strategy and post-launch
  • International Drug Price Indicator Guide WHO
  • Increasing collaboration between countries
  • Frontiers in Health Care
  • What will the future bring?
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